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Crunchy Mama

My name is Christine. I am the proud mother of three beautiful daughters, Donn, 22, Liberty, 6, and Presley, 4. I get asked all of the time what the name means. Basically, the word "crunchy" is slang for hippy, granola, earthy. And while I extended breastfed, cloth diapered, made my own wipes and food...I also used formula, disposable wipes AND diapers and store bought food. 

The name was catchy and funny and keeps people talking.


Have your kids outgrown all of their clothes? No space for storing them? Become a consignor with Crunchy Littles Consignment.. 

How does it work?

Register as a consignor and enter your own inventory at your own prices. Tag, hang and drop off to us. We'll  take care of the rest! It's that simple. 

Getting Started


Supplies You Will Need

1. Computer or Tablet and Printer: Access to a computer or tablet with internet and a printer to input your inventory into your account and print your tags.

2. Card Stock and Scissors: Card stock paper (65 lb weight or higher) and scissors for cutting your printed tags. White or light color paper works best!

3. Tagging Gun (or Safety Pins): Tagging guns are super fast and more secure! They also are less damaging to the clothing than safety pins. Save tons of time with a tagging gun. If you don't have one we can help you!  

4. Hangers: All your items must be brought to the sale on hangers. We have quite a few hangers! if you need some come to one of our meet ups. 

5. Ziploc Bags: Ziploc bags for grouping items together, such as small toys and swaddling blankets.

6. Tape: Clear packing tape for attaching the tags to items like books, movies, toys etc.Zip ties are great for attaching things together such as shoes or anything with multiple pieces. Do not use tape on shoes.

7. Hole Punch: Hole punch with string for attaching tags to items like shoes and toys.

8. Zip Ties and More: Zip ties help you attach shoes together or items that come with pieces. Scotch tape, rubber bands, string yarn or ribbon for attaching tags to games, puzzles and books or holding multiple items together. 

Using My Sales Manager

Item Entry: Gather all items that you would like to consign, it's helpful to hang items on hangers. Try and keep clothing or items in the same order until you print your tags.

Category: When choosing a category keep in mind, this will  help how we place items in sale. ( bottle= feeding) 

Sizing: make sure to enter the correct size on your clothing, so it can be categorized in the correct location. Sizes range from premie to Juniors. We also take maternity wear so for these sections you could use the S, M, L, and XL.

Description: Having a good description is key if a tag falls off. First use the brand, followed by the color and lastly using a key description.You can also use Abbreviations such as NWT(new with tags.) Example below.

                      Carters NWT Pink 

                           Flower Shirt

We have the capability of looking up items by description. So if you just use "Chicco pink star high chair" instead of "high chair" we will have a better chance of finding your item and selling it.

Quantity:Generally this will be 1. In case you have 5 of the same items( up to 25) i.e. 5 Baby Bjorn Bibs. Five  individual  tags will then generate.

Pricing: prices will start at the 1.00 and increase by .50 increments. In most cases, pricing at a 1/3 of retail price is a good rule of thumb. For name brands you can price these items higher. Equipment can sometimes go for up to  50% of retail. Examples of these items are pack and plays, name brand carriers, and  high chairs. Ultimately, pricing is completely up to you! We tend to ask ourselves, would I buy this item at this price?

Discount: Click discount box if you would like the item to be included in our discount day. Discount day is 50% of original price on tag.

Donate: If you are not wanting your items to come back to you, consider donating your items. If you choose to do this a black dot will appear on tag. We keep all of our donations local to Columbia County. After the sale we include a donation report for tax purposes.

Print Cut and Attach: Once all of your inventory is entered, print your tags, in PDF form,  on card stock. Make sure your barcode is complete and ink is not faded. 

How The Earnings Work...

Just for consigning, you will earn 65% of every dollar you sell. For example, sell $100 and you will earn $65.

By helping at the sale, you have an opportunity to earn up to 75% of your earnings.

Sign up for two 4-hour shifts, earn an additional 5%, for a total of 70%. Three 4-hour shifts, earn an additional 7%, for a total of 72%. Or four 4-hour shifts, for an additional 10%, earning a total of 75% of your sold items.

Helping out is not limited to consignors only. Anyone looking to help will be given access to shop early at the private pre-sale event. We rely on the help of others to make this event run as smoothly as possible. And boy, do we like to have a good time while we do it.

V.I.P. Tagging

How It Works...

A VIP tagger is an individual chosen by Crunchy Littles Consignment who has consigned at least four (4) prior sales and who has a sell-through rate of 70% or more. That tells us that they know how to a) price items to sell and b) provide a quality item that shoppers WANT to buy.

The idea behind VIP tagging is that a consignor will still be able to make money off all of their unnecessary children's items yet with minimal work.

The space is limited to 10 consignors for this first run, while we work out inevitable kinks. To be considered, please email Christine at

Once approved, consignor will register to consign, as normal. They will then gather their seasonally appropriate and quality items, download and fill out the form below and make arrangements to drop-off your items. 

The VIP tagger will then inspect, price, enter inventory, hang, tag and drop-off completed items during a designated time.

To use this service, consignor agrees to pay a 20% fee to VIP tagger. Crunchy Littles Consignment will automatically deduct 20% at the completion of the sale.


Now Accepting Housewares


What IS a houseware item?

The term "housewares" encompasses a wide variety of items that outfit a home. Some items may be essential, such as cooking utensils in a kitchen. While others are simply more decorative, like curtains and wall hangings.

Kitchen Housewares...

This is the room we most often think of in reference to home goods. Rice cookers, griddles, coffee pots, margarita machines, waffle irons, etc. (All items must be clean and in working order.) Kitchen items NOT accepted are silverware, knives, storage containers with missing lids.

Living Room Housewares....

While we won't be accepting large furniture items, we WILL be accepting area rugs, throw blankets, mirrors, curtains, decorative wall hangings, coat racks, command centers, decorative pillows, laptop tables, TV tray tables, lamps and more. All items must be clean and in working order.

Bathroom Housewares...

The acceptable items in a bathroom are fairly limited. We can NOT accept any form of medication! No items that could come into contact with blood born pathogens. Such as tweezers, razors, scissors, etc. We will also not accept open containers of any skin care item. However, we will accept NEW, UNOPENED skin care items, shower curtains, rugs, towels, wall decorations. Again, items must be clean and in working condition.

Bedroom Housewares....

Bedding sets, rugs, hampers, shoe racks, wall decor, alarm clocks, jewelry boxes, boot dryer, and more are good items from the bedroom.

If you get to a point where you just can't decide if it would be approved, feel free to email or ask on the Facebook page.

Spring Sale 2020

St. Helens Recreation Center

1810 Old Portland Road

St. Helens, OR  97051

Wednesday, 3/11/2020, drop-off, 10am-8pm

Thursday, 3/12/2020, Drop-off, 10am-8pm

Friday, 3/13/2020, Pre-Sale Shopping, 10am-2pm

Friday, 3/13/2020, OPEN TO THE PUBLIC, 2pm-8pm

Saturday, 3/14/2020, Open To Public Shopping, 10am-4pm

Sunday, 3/15/2020, DISCOUNT DAY, 9am-3pm

Sunday, 3/15/2020, PICK-UP, 5pm-7pm

No upcoming events.

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